Statement – Lateness Crisis

Meng Fu is completely aware of the lateness issue regarding the course 1070 Social Media at School of Professional Studies (SPS) at NYU. He genuinely accepts the criticism as well as inculcation from Professor Natasha and sincerely apologizes for his unintentional lateness during the Fall 2017 semester.

He never believes lateness is a good thing for any classes, especially for such an important class instructed and dictated by one of the best, most vigorous, and most knowledgeable instructors at NYU SPS. The lateness and silence of the lateness represent neither disdain to the class policy, nor disrespect to Professor Natasha. As a traditional Chinese student, Meng inherits the restrained character and holds an extremely negative attitude on lateness. These emotions cause his great fear to inform Natasha his potential lateness before it possibly happened proactively, and to actively explain the reasons for the lateness after it really happened.

Regarding the cause of reported four times of lateness, Meng could hardly recall the reasons for the first times of lateness on September 27th. At the beginning of November, Meng has been diagnosed with an unserious yet annoying and slightly embarrassing surgical illness. He has to take a thorough shower and apply external medication before going out, which prolongs, to a large extent, the preparing time needed before heading out.


On November 1st, a tragic situation happened. Meng got the new contact lens and new lens solution, Clear Care, from the optometrist at NYU. While the doctor told him the solution has a stronger effect on killing the bacteria on the lens, but the user has to wait for more than 6 hours after immersing the lens within it due to the erosion effect of the solution. Meng argued with his girlfriend until the morning the night before and just fell asleep during the morning. After he took a shower while he wanted to head out to the Path Station, he tried to put the lens on. Nevertheless, as soon as the lens touched his eyes, he felt an extreme burning on his eye bulls. He just realized the time he immersed the lens within the solution was less than 6 hours. He spent some time to take off the lens since he could hardly open his eye. Luckily, the solution only made his eye pain and burned for a few minutes. After Meng cleared his mind, He quickly put on his frame glass and ran out for Path.


On November 8th, Meng drove to Newark Airport to sent his girlfriend back who came from Los Angeles to visit him. The flight took off at 2 pm, and when he drove back to his home, it had already been 2:20 pm. After he quickly took a shower and applied the medication, he suddenly felt a burst of pain in his stomach. He remembered he had dinner with his girlfriend in a cheap all-you-can-eat hotpot restaurant in Chinatown. It might be he ate too much, or some material was not in good condition. But despite the reason, he had bad diarrhea and even with his best effort, he did not make it to the Path on time.


On November 15th, Meng scheduled an appointment with the inspector from American Transit to inspector my car hit by an Uber driver two months ago. The driver provided inaccurate insurance information, so it took quite a while to figure out the real insurance status of the driver. The inspector claimed he would come from 12 pm to 3 pm. Meng agreed with the belief that the inspector will show up sometime around 2 pm. However, he contacted Meng until 3:35 pm so that Meng failed to catch up the Path ahead of the class.


The Path Meng took to Woolworth building is WTC. This train has a much more frequent schedule with shorter time of interval after 4:20 pm. However, during the afternoon between 12 pm to 4 pm, the interval between each oncoming train is relatively long. Usually speaking, if Meng did not arrive the station and catch up the train coming at 2:48 pm, he will be late for sure. Meng usually come to station earlier to make sure he can take the earlier train to ensure he can arrive the classroom. However, every time Meng is kind of late and rush to the station, he has the hold in his heart and runs like a mad dog. As long as he enters the station, he had no signal in the station completely. Path station at Newport is a relatively deep station. When Meng is running to the subway platform and realizing the train is gone, he had lost the ability to inform Professor Natasha or anyone in the class. When he finally arrived New York, he runs so quickly to arrive the classroom since he does not want to miss any valuable information taught by Professor Natasha. That is why Meng fails to report his lateness on time ahead of its happening accurately.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 03.52.06

As a mature adult born in 1994, an educated person graduated from UCLA with major of Economics degree and a minor of Public Affairs, and an amateurish practitioner worked full-timely for Ermenegildo Zegna as PR assistant, Barneys New York as Sales Associate, and most recently, Bank of America as Relationship Manager, Meng ascertained that he never attempts to fabricate any excuses or regard instructor’s silence as negligence. Meanwhile, he strongly advises the arranger of the course to establish a good alerting communication mechanism for lateness with every student as soon as the lateness issue happens. Meng tries very hard to study the course and never miss any important knowledge or information taught in the class. He is not a bad student. Meng has the will to change his behavior and improve his lateness-reporting efficacy and accuracy, but he did not receive any reminder or warning while he unintentionally violated the lateness rule in the class to make him realize the situation and further trigger his change on the action, until the forth lateness takes place.


Meng fully accepts the reality of his lateness, sincerely apologizes for it, improves his lateness-reporting efficacy and accuracy, and guarantees the lateness issue will never ever happened again. Meng hopes Professor Natasha could understand him and leniently forgive him. For questions and more information, please visit the personal website or email Meng directly at

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