Saint Laurent Star Clash Lipstick Campaign

Today, when I just got off from the subway in the World Trade Center Station, I saw Gucci has set up its Bloom perfume campaign on the first floor. From my observation, this campaign has cost a considerable amount of budget since it rent a very expensive location for the exhibition. But it is not quite effective because the only thing that Gucci’s employees do is to spray the new perfume to their passengers. Although this perfume campaign looks terrible, it does remind me the lipstick campaign did by Saint Laurent last year, which is the most successful cosmetic campaign I have ever seen.


On October 2016, the fashion and cosmetic brand Saint Laurent launched a new lipstick line, Star Clash. For the media and marketing campaign, the PR team of Saint Laurent chose China, from where the customers possess the greatest purchasing power, as the major battlefield. This is an excellent choice for targeting audience. For the fashion products from Saint Laurent, a most basic t-shirt could cost $400, which the normal Chinese civilian cannot afford. However, a Saint Laurent lipstick will only cost $40 (around 300 Yuan), which is affordable for most people in China. Chinese people have the willingness and need to buy some products from the luxury brand like Saint Laurent, but they just do not have the money. Saint Laurent’s Star Clash perfectly meets the need of Chinese customers.


In order to advertise Star Clash, the PR team of Saint Laurent hired major bloggers in Weibo, Wechat and other popular SNS to write reviewing articles and post pictures about how good the quality of the lipstick is and how important for boyfriends to gift their girlfriends such beautiful lipsticks in order to show their love (It is legal for paying to write in China). After all, it is easiest to make money from ladies. Star Clash had been depicted as a way of showing love.

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What is more, Saint Laurent also claimed that Star Clash would be a limited edition lipstick. After 2016, the regular lipsticks with the same colors would be available but the style of the tube would no longer be the lovely glittering style as the Star Clash was. All of sudden, girls bought it for themselves, and guys who had girlfriends also bought it for their demanding princess. By the end of the end of October, the lip makeup of Saint Laurent had raised from the 3rd to the 1st in the top lip makeup brands ranking. This is all because of the excellent product campaign set up by the PR team of Saint Laurent.


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