Opt-in Commercials for Taxi Supporting App – Lindria

Dear our loyal customer,

You are receiving this email because you are recently booking a hotel reservation in the United States from Ctrip and agree on learning the information of relevant travel assistant product.

Have you ever met troubles when you try to commute in a foreign country? The following scenario might sound familiar to you.

Fernandez is a retired mover in Mexico who has worked for his job for 40 years. Now he wants to go for a trip to visit some natural sceneries and historical sites in the United States. Fernandez planned his journey thoroughly with the help of his son but as soon as he arrived Los Angeles, he met a big problem – he only knew very few English words and did not know how to call a taxi properly and describe the pick-up and drop-off location. The check-in time for his room reservation is 5:00 pm Fernandez looked at the traffic flow around LAX, and he felt helpless. All of a sudden, the apps like Uber and Lyft did not seem to be as useful as they should be. What can he do? Is there any way for him to arrive on time?

Daily Exodus

Do not worry. Lindria is here for help!

Let me introduce our latest supporting tool for the riding experience. Lindria is the combination of “linguist” and “driver.” It is an easy supporting app can help you to find the local drivers who speak your native language when you are in a foreign country. Through our service, the local bi-lingual drivers in the foreign country are aggregated and relocated to the users who speak the same mother language. All the existing popular taxi-calling app like Uber and Lyft can work with Lindria. All you need to do is to click on the app and choose the language you prefer and open other taxi-calling apps through the link from Lindria. Simple and easy! The driver coming to you will be able to speak the language you choose and the local language as well.

download LING

The service of Lindria is now covering English, Hispanic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, and Indian. Our operative region is limited to the United States only at this point. The number of languages offering is still growing, and we are working on extending our service to more regions all around the world.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 23.34.40

Download the app and signup Lindria today. You will get a $10 coupon on your first trip if you sign up by the end of this month. Traveling in a foreign country will never be such convenient and accessible.

Best regards
Lindria Team

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  1. Wow amazing!! I can’t wait to download Lindria 😜😜😜 Then I can show it to my parents when they come to visit me next year. Good job bro 👏🏻 continue working!! lvu❤️


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